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Our Cruise Aboard the Disney Dream: Day 2 Nassau & Pirate Night

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Day 2 aboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship began with our arrival at Nassau, Bahamas.  While we originally had planned to just stay aboard and just enjoy all the ships offerings, we made a last minute decision to disembark for an hour or two to take a quick look around the Straw Market and a peak at Long Wharf.  We spent about 2 hours checking out Nassau and all re-boarded the ship around lunchtime.

The twins had been anxious to go back and play in the Oceaneers Club and Lab, so we dropped them off there for a couple hours.  The rest of us used the time without the littlest ones to explore the ship.  The ship’s interactive detective game served as a great way to sightsee our way around some of the boat while playing along.  It had us by the theaters, art gallery, and other locations I had yet to find.  We even had the chance to take a peak at the various adult clubs which were currently empty.  Goofy’s Sport’s Deck located on deck 13 in the aft proved to not only have some fun distractions, but it also provided an amazing view of Nassau including the Atlantis Resort.

Next, we picked up the twins so we could take them swimming before it was time to dress for dinner and the night’s big festivities, Pirate Night! The twins were beyond excited when we picked them up from the Oceaneers Club as they’d just made Pirate Flag drawings and been paid a visit by one of the most famous Pirates of all time, Captain Hook.

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Tips Regarding Pirate Night: 
If you want to insure your kids really get the full experience out of Pirate night, come prepared.  I brought eyepatches and pirate hats I had purchased for the twins last birthday party along with new Pirate Mickey Shirts made by my friend Jen from  The twins wore long khakis to dinner but we brought pirate themed shorts from Kmart to change into afterwards.  Additionally, I brought some glowstick swords I found at the local dollar store that were a huge hit. As for how the adults should dress, that’s entirely up to you.  Some were really into it.  We opted to bring black, gray, and white striped clothing dressy enough for dinner and use the pirate bandanas left in our cabin once at the party.

Prior to dinner at the Royal Palace we ran into several pirate types including a favorite of ours, Peter Pan.  Seeing us decked out in full pirate gear, Peter insisted we pinky swear that we were not aligned with Captain Hook.  Once dinner was complete, we had plenty of time to go back to our cabin to put on shorts and grab our swords.  There are actually two pirate parties, both are held on the pool deck.  The earlier one being the one designed for the younger kids.  We had an amazing time at the first party with all the kids.  I won’t spoil the storyline for those of you who haven’t gone yet, but rest assured it’s a fabulous time!  From there we headed to the 2nd live show in the theater, Villians.  The twins were too tuckered out to make the second Pirate Party, but older kids attended.  They came back to the cabin raving about Captain Jack Sparrow and the likes.  As luck would have it, hubby and I were able to catch some of the fireworks from that 2nd party from our cabin’s balcony.

Hands down, the 6 of us voted the Pirate Night Parties our favorite part of the entire cruise.

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