Thursday, April 18, 2013

Magnolia Premium Tropical Ice Cream

Current weather in the Midwest is certain to drive even the most diehard Chicagoland fan to have dreams of boarding a flight for some tropical location.  Spring has been a mixed bag of cold, snow, rain, with a slight tease of warm.  Unfortunately the flash flooding might further complicate ones ability to act upon those tropical cravings with the exception of a trip to their freezer.

Thanks to a provided samples delivery of Magnolia Premium Tropical Ice Creams and Milkbars, we’ve been able to allow our tastebuds to visit the flavors of exotic locations like the Philippines and Thailand with spoonfuls of premium tropical ice cream.  Over the past few weeks we’ve happily sampled our way through flavors like lychee, mango, thai tea, coconut, ube, azuki red bean, and even avocado and have nothing but yummy things to say about each.

The only downside is that you may have to do a bit of homework to figure out where to find some in your area, but trust me you’ll be glad you did.  Visit their facebook page at and ask who sells this brand in your area.

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples for purposes of writing this review.

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