Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enjoy Life Cookies (at home, at Disney World, & aboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship!)

Shortly before leaving for our recent Disney World and Disney Cruise Trip, we were sent all four flavors of the New Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies to sample.  With two out of five kids having various food allergies, we have become loyal fans of Enjoy Life products and were thrilled to get the chance to try their latest cookie offerings.

Their latest offering are crunchy cookies in four flavors; chocolate chip, double chocolate, vanilla honey graham, and sugar crisp.  All four were a huge hit with all five kids as well as mommy and daddy.  I’m especially fond of the Double Chocolate cookies and our oldest son was caught hiding the Sugar Crisp ones.  In fact, all the kids were a little sad to leave these treats behind when we set off for our big trip.

However, we didn’t leave Enjoy Life Cookies completely behind after all.  Much to our surprise when inquiring about food allergen safe dessert options at a couple locations at Disney World and aboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship, we were offered two packs of Enjoy Life’s soft baked chocolate chip cookies!  When visiting Magic Kingdom try the Plaza Restaurant.  Aboard the Disney Dream?  Just ask room service to send some Enjoy Life Cookies up to your Cabin.

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