Friday, March 21, 2017

How to Make a Delicious Holiday Viral Video

  I want to make a holiday viral video out of one of the videos in my Joke of the Day series of videos. Using the videography guides from this website, I made the video last year, but I am missing the special ingredient necessary to make it viral. It is topical for the holidays. I have titled it Santa’s Sleigh, due to its content, which was inspired during an impromptu conversation with a student of mine, which I found to be both humorous and charming. It has good potential to delight untold millions of people, and it is completely free.

I have received very good feedback about the appeal of the video from several websites where I am a group member, and it has been rated highly, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. People love to find new videos on the internet, and are very fond of content for no cost. This video is about one child’s unique take on how he could use reindeer to help satisfy his taste buds. Sharing a laugh with family and friends from near and far is an especially precious holiday activity. My video can provide some of those sharing activities.

A good video is essential to having a viral success, but even more important is luck, and pluck. It takes some amount of luck for a video, like a song or movie, or other work of creativity, to break out from the pack. It takes some pluck, a measure of perseverance, to force a creative project toward widespread success. I have sent the video to friends, specifically requesting that they share it, but that is small potatoes, important, but small, potatoes. I am submitting press releases notifying the media of its existence, potentially very rewarding, but I will need some luck, to go with my pluck. So here I am writing an article about my video, hoping it falls into the right hands, which will pass it on, and on and so forth, until I have cooked up a delicious holiday viral video, and shared a smile with millions of some ones who could use it.

As a teacher, I am following the advice that I have posted on my own desk, “never give up.” There is nothing to lose, only a chance to gain something, if only greater knowledge about how to get it done next time, but maybe this is my time, today. I refuse to miss my chance.

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